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09-22-16, 04:16 PM
Hey folks -

Some of you may remember me, some not. I kind of took a breather from this place not long after the fall of CCWS. Never could bring myself to follow IRL, and painted taxicabs do nothing for me whatsoever. I do still follow NHRA, and try to get out to a Nationals once or twice a year.

Aside from the corporate grind and trying to find the time and nickels to go scuba diving from time to time, I have filled in the gap by getting into competitive pistol shooting, then firearms instruction (to partially fund the hobby), and finally, F-Class rifle competition. I have to say, an F-Class match for me is almost as fun as I once had spending a day in the pits.

Anyhow, it's good to see some of the old names around here. Hope to be better about staying in touch! :)

09-22-16, 05:55 PM
Hey, good to see you Grangrel. Yep, just like they said in Top Gun, this is where you find the best of the best. Glad you're back. :thumbup:

09-22-16, 07:35 PM

09-22-16, 08:04 PM
Welcome back. :)

09-22-16, 08:08 PM
Thanks! Great to see you guys again!

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09-22-16, 10:43 PM
whatcha shooting in F Class?

09-22-16, 11:03 PM
Champ Car never died. We're just stuck in a perpetual off season.

09-23-16, 06:53 AM
Welcome back.

09-23-16, 07:59 AM
Go Sox! :gomer:

09-23-16, 11:50 AM
whatcha shooting in F Class?
Savage 110-FLP chambered in 308 Win, with a 20 MOA base and a Leupold VX-3 8.5-25x50 optic. Shooting off a Harris bipod, running Lapua brass with BR-2 primers, Sierra 175gr Tipped MatchKings and good old fashioned IMR 4064 powder. [emoji41]

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