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09-15-16, 11:27 AM
Local News outlets in So Cal reporting that Robby Gordon's father and (I assume) stepmother were found dead in their home in the city of Orange.

O.C. Register (http://www.ocregister.com/articles/police-729030-home-woman.html)

09-15-16, 11:39 AM
Doubly tragic...Robby's sister Beccy and RHR had their 3rd kid last night. While that side is happy & healthy, the joy is tempered by this tragedy.

09-15-16, 12:06 PM

09-17-16, 12:28 AM
When I first saw this story I misread the headline and thought it was Gordon. :\

Sad situation. :(

09-20-16, 10:57 AM
We were away and only heard the mention of this late last night when we watched Snoroma. Reading this, I can hardly believe my eyes. What a tragedy.