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07-20-16, 08:55 PM
Word of his passing circulated last night.


I posted these in another place, but oddly, nobody seemed to care. He was responsible for making mega stars out of relative unknowns (Henry Winkler, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts, just to name a few). And I personally loved Hector Elizondo as a character actor.

Anyhow, one of my favorite writers/directors. Wanted to share because it hadn't been posted and I was surprised.
RIP Garry - you'll be missed :(

07-20-16, 09:19 PM
Didn't learn about it until midday. Let's not forget Laverne & Shirley, which launched a few careers. RIP.

07-21-16, 03:37 AM
I think Robin Williams was going to be big regardless.

Marshall definitely helped define the TV sit-com. Re-runs of his early shows provided a lot of my after school entertainment.


07-21-16, 06:34 AM
I just learned that Garry Marshall was Penny's brother, I had thought they were father and daughter.

07-21-16, 02:24 PM
I think Robin Williams was going to be big regardless.

Yes, but M&M was his launching pad. See his appearances on Letterman and Leno about the starving comedians. :)

07-21-16, 02:39 PM
when worlds collide...


07-21-16, 02:57 PM
The man was a monster. He made millions making women cry. The man directed 'Beaches' for Christ sake. Beaches!

07-21-16, 03:23 PM
Great article about him in the LA Times not too long ago. Probably about the time of the Cannes film Festival. He and Julia Roberts were riffing off each other. Completely natural and funny. Sadness around this town now. He and his daughter ran the Falcon Theater in Burbank and were always visible in the theater scene. An unassuming giant of the business. RIP, Garry :(

07-21-16, 08:35 PM
Just reading today's LA Times. A superb, page 1 to page 13, article on Garry Marshall by Robert Lloyd, the TV critic. Marshall and his frequent writing partner, Jerry Belson, wrote for "everyone." Joey Bishop, Jack Paar, Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, Danny Thomas. You name it. Then he started on his TV shows, that hearkened back to those days. When interviewed, he said, "In the education of the American public, I am recess." I just loved that guy.