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05-07-16, 03:01 PM
I drive a 2007 Honda Element SC with 255,000 kms (159,000 miles). I am noticing that the handling is somewhat sloppy. The vehicle does not seem as well planted when on the highway. It wanders more than I like requiring frequent steering input.

The 20-point inspections done by the dealer during routine visits have never indicated a problem with suspension or leaking shocks.

I'm wondering if I need to replace the struts. Is there a general rule of thumb when to do this maintenance? Or could this sloppy handling be something else?

Thanks in advance.


05-07-16, 08:19 PM
It is time to replace all of the rubber suspension bushings, which can cause major steering wheel play and a bit of drift when they are dried out and cracked, which yours surely must be. You should also have it aligned by someone reputable, and they will tell you if you have any tie rod issues.

And wandering can also be caused by tires wearing incorrectly - that may be what to look for if the steering wheel feels responsive as ever but the car doesn't.

05-07-16, 08:31 PM
Have you checked your tire pressures? Are they to what the vehicle manufacturer specifies?

05-08-16, 01:43 AM
Checked with a Honda exec who said, "Start with good quality tires, make sure you are not carrying alot of extra weight in the vehicle, and then look at the struts. Honda uses good quality struts and ususlly last 200K. Hope this helps." Assuming WB's advice doesn't solve the issue, you may, indeed, have to look at replacing the struts.

05-08-16, 10:29 PM
Fellow Element owner here. I would check out some of the Element forums for some further advice. I have an 03 and I replaced my front struts a couple years back, but if there's no leaking I would look other places. A former coworker also drives one and the dealer says they see more suspension issues with the Element than other Hondas because it is oversized for the platform (Civic frame). Mine is traveling a bit right now as well, and I know I have swaybar links and bushings that need replacing.