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03-18-16, 09:18 PM
Two For Two at Melbourne for the F-1 race weekend. So far! I know, no season points, but nice to win ANY time. Two more coming up...didn't Winterbottom win all 4 last year? Have to say, with a good rep for rain racing it was, uh, interesting to see "Shane's Wild Ride" in Adelaide, race 3 I think?...VERY lonnnnng spinout. The good kind...when you don't HIT anything. Nice Video of Ricciardo and Whincup up on the V8 website playing around...Ricciardo, "What's that 3rd pedal for"...Whincup, "That's the clutch." Daniel's reply, "I've never seen one of those!" Fun stuff.

03-19-16, 12:38 PM
That's what I like about races from Australia...You can get up on a Saturday morning and get the Saturday AFTERNOON results!:) Whincup wins the weekend's 3rd V-8 race, does a fan-favorite celebratory burnout...and gets fined $3000! Boooo! Gotta keep up with F-1, I guess? DAMMIT, I just burned my English Muffins... AGAIN..."Distracted Cooking!"...won't be the LAST time!:irked:...Rumor has it VanGisbergen or Ricciardo or ...SOMEbody...put up the $3000 if Whincup won and DID the burnout!? Glad they're having fun. PLUS...I'm old and late... just figured out the connection between the Redbull "Sandman" and Ricciardo asking about "The Shaggin' Wagon?"...duhhhh.

03-19-16, 12:54 PM
PLUS...I forget stuff...VanGisbergen gets a 2nd in round 3, after his two wins on Friday. That has to feel good. I say he let Whincup win so he could see him get fined!:)

03-30-16, 09:27 AM
Shane goes 3 for 4... not a bad weekend...now go get some POINTS! (PS...did he do a burnout and get fined...or just drift all over the place on the cool-down lap? Or both?):)