View Full Version : NASCAR New Hampshire

07-19-15, 02:19 PM
I glanced up at this race to see a lot of our old friends, the aluminum families, in the stands. They must love the aluminati in New Hampshire since they installed tarps to shade some of them from the sun! :rofl: Not the first time all year I've noticed this.

I guess I shouldn't be too happy to seen NASCAR bleeding a little; it is a touch too late to help CART, LOL. But frankly, they thought for so long that their **** didn't stink, that I don't feel too sorry for them. Don't :cry: for me, Argentina!

BTW, I just can't get "into" this season at all. I thought now that we're in the dead sports weeks (I can only watch a few innings of baseball these days) that I'd be more interested, but I am not. Shucks.