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09-21-14, 05:35 PM
I took a football break and turned to the NASCAR race when there were maybe 35 laps left. There have been at least four big cautions during this time and it ain't over yet. They'll likely have one of their green-white-checkers finishes. This is a mess. I didn't watch the whole race and my light interest has fallen off the rails since the NFL started, but everything seems duller than usual. The drivers seem like they're going through the motions, the announcers especially Bestwick droned on as usual, even the crowd seemed subdued. Okay, it is over now, I won't spill the results.

Also noticed two full aluminum family sections but since they can't discriminate, there were a lot of aluminati amongst the crowd.


09-21-14, 06:30 PM

A new word, I love it!