View Full Version : The HAWK At Road America 2013

07-31-13, 08:43 AM
Another YEAR has gone by and this is STILL great stuff! Those of you who took a peek last year were rewarded with some great HD race videos. PLEASE watch: "McLaren Road America can Am Race Onboard Laps" on YouTube...Very well done...a LOT more at Jim Pace Motorsports, too. This guy drives some of the best race cars ever built! I'd love to see him in USCR next year...maybe the longer races? See how he does in the qualifying race...all new paint job this year...not McLaren orange anymore but VERY good looking! We had a GREAT weekend again...including morning coffee with JP at the old train depot! Hope some of you who were THINKING of going...actually WENT!:)...DANG, that DN4 was FAST! (Faster than back in '74!) Look at Bennett in the Williams F-1 also, fastest lap of the weekend. Good ol' RA:thumbup:

08-01-13, 07:31 AM
Yes, good old RA. It was worth the price just to hear the two recent F1 cars, a Benetton & Williams, screaming downhill through the trees into turn 5.