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01-14-03, 12:22 PM
From AtlasF1 (if you're a subscriber, you know the link):

Button, who has joined the British-based team for his fourth year of Formula One, is hoping the team's new BAR 005 car will give him the chance to shine. But Villeneuve knocked down Button's pre-season hopes of an amicable relationship by firing: "I will respect him when he goes fast on the racetrack because that is the only way you respect another race car driver at all.

"There is no relationship between us yet, so there is no positive and no negative and I don't think about it but I don't set out to psyche a teammate out - I just go out and drive as hard as I can.

"The key thing is do you respect your teammate or not? If you do then everything is fine and nobody gets destroyed in the process. If you don't then it just happens on its own. You can't help yourself."

When asked if Button is the right man to have alongside him to take BAR forward, Villeneuve replied: "If he steps things up from his first three years then yes. If not, no. He comes into the team talked up as a future World Champion.

The second paragraph makes no sense when compared to the first.

I wonder JV's motives...

Dr. Corkski
01-14-03, 03:04 PM
Does that mean Jack Newtown has no self respect?