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Rogue Leader
03-03-13, 01:10 PM

Thats the end of that. So much for coverage of WTCC, FIA GT, V8 Supercars, etc....

03-03-13, 01:41 PM
Other than F1 I seldom watched it. It had morphed into crap on wheels, a long way from its original form

https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_zvjw87M4DHpn0WT3iAwUuM_Od_Psb 5YcTp7XylS5jh67h4uA

03-03-13, 03:40 PM
Really bums me out. I still use it for the awesome Dennis Gage My Classic Car and Windtunnel. WT is down to 30 minutes this season. The coverage of both Goodwood shows returned in the last couple of years after an absence of about five years. The rest of it yes was just complete and total trash. Television is in a race to the bottom, every show on every channel I used to watch that had good documentaries is gone and now it's just endless channels of Redneck Swamp Hunting Pawn Shop Tatooing Gold Hoarders.

opinionated ow
03-03-13, 07:05 PM
And yet, ironically, a year ago they stopped showing motorsport on Fox Sports in Australia and introduced, wait for it, Speed TV Australia.

03-04-13, 02:15 AM
It was a great idea for a channel. The couch is a place too!

03-05-13, 08:17 AM
NY Times story on Fox's plans for the channel. (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/05/sports/fox-planning-national-sports-network-it-hopes-can-challenge-espn.html?hpw)

03-05-13, 02:16 PM
Seems like the wrong decade to start a network. :\