View Full Version : Golden Age?

01-13-03, 06:27 PM
Just got home from the San Jose Int'l Auto Show yesterday. Man, there are some seriously cool cars being designed and built nowadays. The Mini, the new Z (whose looks I don't really care for, but a great car), Ford's T-Bird, the latest Jag XKR makes me want to rob a bank, and the Mercedes SL is, IMO, the best looking car Mercedes has ever made. Countless other great ones.... Ferrari Modena, the new Maserati coupe, the new BMW M3 with 340hp.

Definitely a great time to be a car lover!

01-13-03, 11:45 PM
It's weird, after all, I love sports cars, but that new Mercedes-Benz E500 is one sweet car, esp. in the AMG version. Now, if only they'd come out with a six-speed 'box.....