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07-21-12, 05:36 PM
Had a great time at RA last weekend...PLEASE check out Jim Pace in the Predator Can Am Lola T-70 at www.TVRacer.com for some HD in-car action none of us could see "back in the day"! Watched that race from inside T-3 to listen to those guys run up through the gears toward 5. I'll never tire of THAT sound!:)

07-21-12, 08:42 PM
Awesome. If cars moved around that much today I'd watch more racing.

07-21-12, 09:14 PM
Thanks NismoZ. Awesome video. First time since the event was founded I missed it. I just could stand sweating anymore. NRC, lots of cars move around that much, but only once and then they crash. That guy can drive. Opposite lock in the kink :eek: holy **** :thumbup:

07-21-12, 11:58 PM
1. Just Lolas in that race?
2. Not much of a crowd...?
3. I didn't check the lap time, did anyone else?
4. Really effing cool. Even after 40 years it is really impressive how fast those things accelerate.

07-22-12, 09:58 AM
Yeah, race group 7 was exclusively Lolas, this year's honored marque. Many of those guys also raced in the Can Am group. Jim Pace is one of those guys who really pushes his historic rides. Did you see the credit given to Predetor for "allowing" Pace to run their car? They know!:) Pace drove an M6B in the Can Am event. Duncan Dayton is another. In the Saturday qualifying race he ran his T70 MklllB from 24th to 4th (or 3rd?...I'm not sure, I was just going by the PA announcer)
As far as lap times go, I know Craig Bennett was WAAAY faster than anyone else in the Can Am group with a '74 Shadow DN4. (having 8.3 litres helps!) GREAT machine! Didn't even bother to take any times. I THINK I caught Brian French at 1:46 in a '97 F-1 Benetton but it could have been Bennett again in a '97 Williams. Wonderful V-10 sounds! (I lose track easily these days when I don't write things down!:rolleyes:) That is impressive when you consider the overall lap record up there is Dario from 2000 @ 1:39.
I don't think all results or times have been posted on the RA site yet. Anyone know of a vintage site that might have that info? Whatever, for me now it's more about the sights and sounds and the memories than it is speed and results but not with many of the drivers. They PUSH! Watching Ron Fellows and Jack Baldwin go at it was ample proof of that!:thumbup::)

07-22-12, 10:18 AM
PS...as far as the crowd goes I'd say it was VERY good. Probably more than half the people are in the paddock! The CARS are the stars!:D Don't judge by the main straight grandstand, nobody sits there anyway. Also, with good reason, it's an older crowd and the outback doesn't get as much attention. Plenty of people under TREES, too!:D

06-09-13, 07:12 PM
Ever take Eau Rouge at Spa, in the rain?...do yourselves a favor and check out the latest video at www.tvracer.com and ride with Jim Pace (yep, the same guy you rode with last year at RA in the HAWK/Redman vintage races in a Lola T-70 mk lll and that orange Can Am McLaren.) He's at it again, in a Porsche RSR. Looks like he even let his hair grow for the "European" tour.:) Go see him at RA in July!:thumbup: PS: Corvette is the honored marque this year. Think that '57 SS that Fangio drove (tested, Moss, too! Fangio beat the existing lap record) at Sebring will be there!? Isn't it at the Indy museum?