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07-05-12, 05:23 AM

Pleasure/pain/anger and resignation it has gone for good. :cry:

07-06-12, 12:14 PM

07-06-12, 02:18 PM
Ha ha, found a few old pics on a DVD backup that I had forgotten about... so many memories. I LOVED those cars. Ah well, guess I should move on eh? :cool: :gomer: :D

07-06-12, 04:09 PM
Nah, what for!? I'm headed up to Road America in a few days for the Brian Redman Historic stuff. I'm movin' BACK! Feel younger every time I go.:D Heck, there's 32 cars in the Can Am group alone!...includes 16 Lolas and 10 McLarens! The sights and sounds are very, uh...THERAPUTIC! :thumbup: More T-70 mklll Bs than I'll ever see in one place! Duncan Dayton will be pushing one of those...FAST! HUNDREDS of others, too...the Trans Am group is amazing. I always lamented missing the 1970 season (being "out of country":rolleyes:) but I can still IMAGINE Swede Savage, Mark Donohue, Parnelli Jones, Jim Hall, Sam Posey, Dan Gurney and Peter Revson, can't I?? Ahhh...the best car museum on earth! Helps fill in that "lost year" for me. I just hope the heat wave breaks before then! Hmmm, I guess keeling over hiking down the hill to the inside of Canada Corner wouldn't be the WORST way to go!:rofl:

( wow, 17 F-5000s, too...Tony Adamowics in a Gurney Eagle! Nice!) MUST remember earplugs! Yes, the same ones from 1970, vintage!