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06-20-03, 10:33 PM
Like A Rock - Music By Bob Seger, Lyrics by Devilmaster

Stood there boldly
Sweatin in the sun
We just won a million
We were number one
The height of Indy
We'll always be that strong
Like a rock

Then they both came
We didn't even care
They were the new guys
We were already there
But we weren't ready
Shoulda been prepared
Like a rock

Our cars were ready
They're ready for the fight
We did the first race
The critics, they were right
We're down on horses
At least thirty, we were light
Like a rock

Like a rock, we were strong as we could be
Like a rock, the podium, we won't see
Like a rock, to be or not to be
Like a rock

And the teams they complained
They were lookin for any gain
Against the toyos when at speed
We looked high and we looked low
For anything that could go
Maybe Ford can help us with our needs

Thirty horses now
Where'd they go
Thirty horses
I don't know
We sit and we wonder sometimes
Should we go.

And sometimes, late at night
When we're bathed in the tracklight
Drive a Ford, see if we can right
Our bad call
Our bad call

Like a rock, awful down the straight
Like a rock, goin slow out of the gate
Like a rock, like a thousand pound weight
Like a rock

Like a rock, we doubt another win
Like a rock, embarassed we have been
Like a rock, we'll never be good again
Like a rock.


06-20-03, 10:34 PM
I know, too much free time. ;) :D


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Thumbs up dude! Very good!:thumbup:

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:D :thumbup: Very Good.