View Full Version : 75th Anniversary of the Horseless Carriage Club

01-09-12, 02:20 PM

February 15-20 at the AirTel Plaza, Van Nuys, CA (San Fernando Valley, LA for those not familiar with SoCal)

Registration deadline is January 15. They definitely do everything that is car-related in the area. I've been to all the places they are going and it's a very nicely arranged weekend.

Hear the Exciting Story of the 1908 New York to Paris Race Winning Thomas Flyer from the driver`s great-grandson

Legendary Bothwell Ranch
(our first visit in 15 years)
World famous Getty Museum
Fantastic Petersen Auto Museum
Mullin Automotive Museum
Ladies Fashion Show
Shop and eat lunch at the ocean
Brass Car Display

The Illustrious Nethercutt Collection, cars, music, restoration shops & more
Murphy Auto Museum
Olvera Street
Vinatge Fire Equipment Museum
Alternate Hobby Night & Dinner Theatre
Grande Finale Diamond Jubilee Banquet

Experience the glamour of "Old-Hollywod" with shows and dinner at the Magic Castle
Charter coach tours to all events and attractions