View Full Version : US Invades Australia!

11-16-11, 12:08 PM
Here come the Marines. Look out Darwin. Hide your womens! Never saw this one coming. China is pissed. Maybe 2500 on a rotating basis for training. Guess they need somewhere to go after the drawdown? Interesting move.

11-16-11, 12:29 PM
Huh, just saw SU,s near-simultaneous post...I am reminded of a 1957 Paul Neuman movie with a similar "theme", Until They Sail. Of course it was set in New Zealand (Christchurch?) and was WW ll...but it WAS about US Marines and somebody else's women! Based on a Michner novel, I think.

11-16-11, 01:01 PM
As long as it doesn't end like the movie On The Beach.

11-16-11, 04:13 PM
You smooth talkin, well mannered overdressed Yanks are at it again. :-)

Yes it was based on a Michener book, maybe Tales of the South Pacific? I can confirm the Aussie girls still look cute. ;-) and there are SO many of them. Hi Cam!

It's so sad to see the Indy track cut back to half, so many memories, so many emotions.

11-17-11, 08:03 AM
I would be more worried about those poor marines.

opinionated ow
11-17-11, 08:35 AM
I would be more worried about those poor marines.

They ain't seen rough until they've seen Darwin...

11-17-11, 11:15 AM
I just hope they don't hear about this:

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204621904577016172350869312.html?m od=e2tw

11-17-11, 04:54 PM
The coal mines around here sure don't pay that scale.