View Full Version : USAC Sumar Classic Photos

Walter Zoomie
06-17-03, 08:06 PM
Check them out.


06-17-03, 08:40 PM
Nice thumbnails, but it won't let me view them full size. :(

06-17-03, 09:26 PM
Damn! Walter, we didn't follow up with each other about that. Looks like you were between 3 and 4. I was at the other end of the track. Great race, eh? I thought Kevin Huntley staying low was gonna get Yeley who kept high, but not to be. He got a nose in front every lap, but couldn't hold it coming out of 2 and 4. And how about the run by Jay Drake, setting track record, spinning out (right in front of me) out of second or third, then fighting back to third again until he broke. Drake would have caught JJ, I think. Anyway, it was indeed a great race if you like dirt trackin'...

...edited to fix a brain fade...

06-17-03, 09:43 PM
BTW... from your pics, the vintage blue #48 midget (from the '50's, I think) is a two cylinder, chain driven Harley-Davidson.

Walter Zoomie
06-18-03, 03:47 PM

I didn't know until the last minute whether I was going or not. The weather has REALLY sucked the last few weeks.

Great race, but too many yellows. The vintage stuff was way cool. Infield is the only place to be. Lawn chairs and cold beer... I'll try to see the Silver Crown cars when they come back to IRP later on this year.