View Full Version : thank you red bull!

High Sided
12-02-10, 11:25 AM
they finally dumped scott speed...

12-03-10, 10:47 PM
Allmendinger was dumped for Scott Speed. Pretty stupid move. Allmendinger was getting better and better too and moving up on the grid when they did that.

12-10-10, 02:23 PM
Red Bull have dumped more drivers then anyone else in the history of racing. Vettel is the only success story so far, out of what has to be close to 100 'Red Bull' drivers.

12-10-10, 05:09 PM
And Speed is now suing Red Bull for how he was fired. (Over fax, with no offers of help to find him another ride.)

12-10-10, 05:49 PM
He's suing for breach of contract. Whether or not he was with the Red Bull owned Sprint Cup team in 2011 he had a contract with Red Bull the brand through next year and they severed all ties.

12-12-10, 09:08 PM
Their product is dangerous garbage. What did he expect, ethical behavior?

12-13-10, 12:33 AM
They should have sponsored him in their soap box derby series. :rofl: