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Andrew Longman
10-27-10, 03:34 PM

No word of Dupont but/so I take it they are gone. All sponsorships end and I've long wondered how this worked for Dupont but AARP and a charity sponsorship?

“I think this is an opportunity for us and for our sport and for NASCAR,” Hendrick said Wednesday. “I think it says a lot for NASCAR, period. ... This is an opportunity for us to showcase our sport.”

Highlight? Who on the planet hasn't heard of NASCAR? Among their fans, how much better will they feel about them if they are helping to end hunger? How much will AARP be able to do to activate the sponsorship and get Gorden (and hence NASCAR) our there in the public eye?

Glad for any and all efforts to end hunger though. If I'm Gordon I'd enjoy pitching for this cause a whole lot more than pitching automotive finishes.

10-27-10, 03:50 PM

Does that mean someone else can run the Rainbow Warrior livery now? :gomer:


Andrew Longman
10-27-10, 09:03 PM
Does that mean someone else can run the Rainbow Warrior livery now? :gomer:I guess so.
The team did not unveil the design of Gordon’s new car which is still being tweaked, but Gordon said the team was close to completing it. They also said
“Hunger is a hidden problem that millions of older Americans are battling silently. In fact, between 2006 and 2008, the percentage of seniors struggling with hunger more than doubled," said Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP Foundation president. Now I don't want to minimize the problems of the poor or the old and I don't want to get all politicky, but poor and hunger know no age. SS and Medicare were made to move old people out of the poverty they historically found themselves in... and it has largely worked. Older Americans tend to be wealthier as a class and have more disposable income.

Good something is being done for the aged, but I hope no one forgets the kids and just plain folk who as well are hungry and hopeless every night in America. Ask your local food pantry what you can do to help. They are being overwhelmed at the moment.