View Full Version : Yes, Marcos...YES!

08-07-10, 07:59 PM
See, now that's how to do it! Can't understand why I like that guy so much. :confused: What was his rep in V-8s, OW? Maybe it goes back to when I started watching the Aussie series on Speed? What did he get, 3 titles? Probably just my preference for drivers with actual driving skills, ROAD racing skills. If he could just win tomorrow that would go a long way toward easing what has been a really crappy race season for this old fan! Go Marcos!

08-08-10, 02:03 PM
welll, there ya go, then! Marcos passes 'dinger for P-2 by lap 25. Not bad. CABCAR needs about 16 more road races! Montoya's lead is WAAAAY too big...gonna have to throw a "competition" yellow pretty soon.:gomer: There it is...yellow....1 car, way off line, poses no danger, but...they needed it.:shakehead. OK, I'm done now, I'll check back in a couple of hours, it just stopped raining here. Gentlemen, start your mowers!

08-08-10, 02:21 PM
OK, I lied. Had to watch the restart and see Ambrose take it to Montoya. I think he's gonna do it. See, CAB racing CAN be fun! EXCELLENT racing. Gee "Two guys with EXCEPTIONAL talent." Astute observation, Dale. Beautiful low level in-car shots from Marcos. They'll probably both cook their brakes and....awww, sun's out. Gotta go.....that figures, Ambrose gets him during commercial JUST before another yellow. Later.

08-08-10, 06:50 PM
JPM was hungry today.

08-08-10, 08:25 PM
Yep, saw the end. Pretty good stuff. Marcos 3rd, AJ 4th. Is there anything Ganassi hasn't won in the last few days?

Andrew Longman
08-10-10, 07:58 PM
On Saturday it was amazing to watch Ambrose master T1. Nailed it every lap. Exact same line. Not over braking and carrying a ton of speed off the corner which sets up almost the entire lap. His consistency explained his dominance. On Sunday though he botched a restart. Looked like he mismatched his revs and hopped the wheels and lost a bunch of spots. He seemed to get flustered a bit and overdrove for a few laps trying to get the spots back. I think the result was using up his brakes a bit and they weren't there at the end to match Montoya. The two of them had been much closer most of the race with Ambrose perhaps a bit faster but he had nothing for Montoya (of even Busch) at the end.