View Full Version : Sharp Leaving Highcroft

11-05-09, 01:15 PM
Going GT2 racing with Ferraris on his own squad.

11-07-09, 11:08 AM
Well...he IS!

11-07-09, 12:37 PM
I'm glad he is getting his own team and I'm glad that Highcroft now has to hire a different driver;)

12-18-09, 10:44 PM
Pagenaud. A step up for the team, I'd say.

12-19-09, 10:49 PM
Sharp probably still gets a cut off the Patron>Highcroft $$$ and gets his own Patron cash to run his 2 Ferrari GT2s. Plus he isn't breaking his balls trying to keep up with Brabs. Sharp wins all the way around here.

Update: drivers announced: Guy Cosmo, J van Overbeek and Ed Brown (Sharp's Patron saint). Good for Guy. Van Overbeek can go polish himself though. Guess Ed Brown and the Patron money wasn't quite enough dosh.