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10-12-09, 11:28 AM
Wow, time marches on. A buddy and I wrangled our way into the pits at the '63 SCCA Nationals at Meadowdale. There were a lot of 2-person, "tow behind your station wagon" operations in those days and as we walked the paddock we met Donna Mae Mims and struck up casual conversation about her pink Bugeye Sprite. My friend drove a Sprite at the time and conversation centered mainly on how hers was different. (I think we settled on the point that he needed a roll bar!:D) One thing led to another and as the HP practice session rolled around she drove us onto the pit lane to watch, as a reward for helping unload her car, I guess. Nice. The main thing I remember was nearly scalding myself as the radiator cap was removed when she returned with a seriously overheating engine. (Hot day and a loooong straightaway!) Donna Mae went on to win the SCCA HP National Championship that year. She died this past weekend at age 82.:(

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Some obits.

The highlights, first woman SCCA national champ, played by Adrienne Barbeau in the movie Cannonball Run and for her funeral home viewing hours they seated her behind the wheel of a 1979 Corvette.



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Some more pic's.


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Nice thread, lots more pictures online. :thumbup:


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The whole post WW2 sports car generation is leaving us. :(

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I read about her passing in autoweek. That's real sad. She was indeed a pioneer. I remember pictures of that Bug Eye Sprite. I wanted to paint my sprite pink like that, but since I lived in West Hollywood at the time I thought it might not be such a good idea....:saywhat: Not that there is anything wrong with that....like Seinfeld would say.