View Full Version : Question about Jet Engineering CART team of the 80's

09-23-09, 10:40 AM
Do you guys remember the Blue #64 Jet Engineering car that ran 83-84 (maybe even longer) in CART? Ed Pimm drove for them. It was always one of my favorite looking cars back then. I recently saw the 1984 Mid Ohio & Long Beach races on Indycar.com and it brought back memories. I have a few questions about them. I was wondering what Jet Engineering is, who the team owners were and what ever happened with them?


09-26-09, 01:20 AM
I remember Pimm, but mostly by name. I believe he was usually down in the Howdy Holmes end of the grid.

Not sure about Jet Engineering, though. There are a lot of sponsors from those days that aren't around anymore, so I'm not sure what to make of the Google/Yahoo searches...:\

11-12-09, 04:07 PM
Perhaps this might be a little help...


11-12-09, 04:36 PM
beautiful car