View Full Version : Gee, Audi Aeros Protested

04-09-09, 10:07 AM
Had to happen, I guess. Rivals are protesting the "upper flap" above the front splitter that acts like a wing and is illegal under the rules. Crikey, is there anybody even here in this little forum who thought that duckbill was only there to enhance the car's "good" looks!?:D C'mon Peugeot, don't protest, just design your own cheater nose! Autosport.

04-09-09, 12:23 PM
Peugeot and Aston Martin Racing and Oreca and everybody else & their dog are in on the rules clarification request.


There is a really good picture on dailysportscar if you subscribe.

04-09-09, 12:35 PM
Yeah, not an official "protest" yet, just a "rules clarification" and Audi says they aren't changing things, sooo....?:D