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Trevor Longman
10-30-08, 05:06 PM
After reading that Atlantics would be a support race in 2009, I got excited and serched google, youtube, my photos, etc. for all things concerning lime rock or atlantics. After a few hours of wandering through youtube, progessively getting more and more lost (so easy to do), I looked through my pictures from this year. Here are some of the best:

Trevor Longman
10-30-08, 05:18 PM

10-31-08, 02:48 PM
It is amazing the difference in the look of the race compared to the one at Miller. Woods vs dustbowl. Got to say that it looks more enjoyable to be in the woods.

10-31-08, 03:11 PM
Trevor, very nice pictures!

Thanks for sharing them!

10-31-08, 04:18 PM
Those are nice, you're a good photographer.

nissan gtp
10-31-08, 07:34 PM
nice pics, thanks for posting 'em

Andrew Longman
10-31-08, 07:34 PM
Nice job Trevor.

11-14-08, 08:23 PM
Trev, nice shots. Love the Audi with the sky up above. I hope to see some more at Christmas!

11-15-08, 09:00 AM
When I click to get a larger image I get a red x.

When I get back Sunday I'll dig up my Lime Rock 07 pics.

11-15-08, 10:46 AM
When I click to get a larger image I get a red x.

When I click, I get a popup with the larger pic. When I click THAT, I get a new FF tab with a zoomable pic.

So, in conclusion, it's not me, it's you.

11-15-08, 12:13 PM
I get a pop up with the Macintosh version of the red X, the blue ?. It sits there for a moment and then the picture appears. Have patience grasshopper.