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01-10-03, 12:13 PM
Do any of you guys play say like on pogo and such and have you ever won anything? I like to play and since I am grounded to home for awhile and bored out my mind when I am awake I have been playing more but never win a thing. Just curious if anyone has ever won anything on the net? (I won free buffets and such last year for Vegas but that's it)

01-10-03, 12:37 PM
I've been known to play dominos and euchre on pogo. Look for the guy talking trash, and losing. That'll be me.

I've never won anything, but I haven't really tried.

I have won in other contests, mostly ones with huge numbers of prizes. Nothing too special, just a couple of PlayStation games, and assorted other crap. Here's a decent list: http://myinstantwin.com/other.html

01-10-03, 04:37 PM
I'm always up for playing euchre if someone wants to organize a game on yahoo or wherever.

01-10-03, 05:47 PM
I'm a Euchre player. Love it. I've played on pogo.com but only with the computer. I've only done it a couple times, though. At all the experience levels, there are rooms, but I've never entered one or created one. If somebody (mello?) knows how to create one that we could make private, I'd sure be there in a minute.

01-10-03, 05:55 PM
Oh man a private room with Lizzerd, how could I resit. I have never done it either but hubby does it on hearts all the time. I will check it out and set a time with you and let you know.

01-10-03, 06:08 PM
I don't play euchre much anymore, but loved it when I was in HS. I'd be willing to give it a try.

01-10-03, 06:18 PM
I completely and totally suck at Euchre. I'm from New York, but went to college at Michigan, and there were enough people around who played that I learned.

Hadn't played in years, until picking it up on pogo.

01-12-03, 12:26 PM
I've never played Pogo but I know you can get private rooms on Yahoo. If we can come up with a definate time , I'll get one.

01-12-03, 11:04 PM
I checked out Yahoo Games, and it seems that if you want to start a private room, you have to be an All-Star something or other. Costs $7.95 per month, first 14 days free. It wasn't clear, but you might have to be an All-Star to join a private room too. I'm not sure about that, though. I'll start the room if anybody shows some real interest, keeping in mind that it might cost you a few bucks.