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The Doctor
05-22-08, 08:31 PM
Terrible story, heard it during the F1 broadcast today and then read this story. They lost pretty much everything for the SunTrust car. Luckily, Ganassi has agreed to loan them pretty much everything they need, so they won't have to dust off their old Pontiac-Rileys.


"It's completely gone; everything," Wayne Taylor said late Tuesday, adding that the SunTrust transporter had "literally burned to the ground."

"So many things were inside of it, I can't imagine there is anyway anyone will ever know the true extent of the damage," he lamented.


"The only thing (spared) was a Dallara frame, and it's back at the shop in Indy. Everything we had for an entire racing season was on that truck, and it's all gone. Everything we possibly could need to run a race, repair or replace other parts was on that trailer; everything for the entire season."

05-22-08, 11:23 PM
At least no one was hurt.

As for the rest, WGAF? It was just a trailer full of crapotypes.

05-23-08, 12:04 AM
Tough break for Wayne :( I'm just glad nobody was hurt, and that he'll be back on track with the 10 car at Watkins Glen. He's a class guy and a great team owner.

People have offered cars, parts, transporters, whatever we need. I've gotten calls from Bob Stallings, Bill Riley, Kevin Doran, Mike Shank, Gene Sigal. Timmy Keene at Chip Ganassi Racing (in Indianapolis) has just been utterly phenomenal with his help.

It's just so remarkable that every one of these people would do all they can to beat us on the track and yet do everything they can to get us back on it.


05-23-08, 01:24 AM
At least no one was hurt.

As for the rest, WGAF? It was just a trailer full of crapotypes.


Sean O'Gorman
05-23-08, 09:23 AM
Well, clearly when you've put as much effort into operating a professional race team and keeping mechanics, engineers, truck drivers, etc. employed, like pchall apparently has, you have the right to make remarks like that. :rolleyes:

<---waiting for the tired, predictable cone-chaser remark

05-23-08, 10:55 AM
That sucks. It's a million dollars worth of parts and labor. I'm sure there was probably 20-30 grand worth of radios alone. Hopefully the mechanics, engineers didn't leave their lap-tops in there, as some have a tendancy to do. If it were a race in Canada or Mexico he'd know exactly what was on that truck as you have to inventory everything.

05-23-08, 04:13 PM
not a grappie... shot him?