View Full Version : Watkins Glen's Cameron Argetsinger dies at 87

04-24-08, 09:05 AM


I grew up in Youngstown. Ohio. Cameron's father was also an attorney, like Cameron, in fact general counsel to one of the biggest companies in town, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, where my grandfather was a lowly pipefiter. Somehow my dad (who was a bit of an autoracing fan) knew him and sometime around the late 80s he mentioned to my brother and me that Cameron had asked my dad to bring the family to Watkins Glen for a race as his guest. My brother and I were stunned at the missed opportunity to see an F1 race during our childhood as the guest of the guy who ran Watkins Glen.

04-24-08, 07:03 PM
Nice bit of history. :thumbup: The farther along I get the more I realize how much we owe to those that made the moves that allowed the racing to happen.