View Full Version : FORe all my favrite TURkeys hahahahaha

11-23-07, 05:06 PM
MAN i got me a huge hangedover. I Was bout a drunked as I ever been. BUt just befor I past out I wroted down the things Im thnakful for. I got them all right here http://www.iambif.com/bif/


THe IRl- aint no reports of police actions this year on THANksgiving day if you know what imeen hahahahahahah

11-25-07, 05:17 AM
quote: "SEE what winning INDy twicet does? GEts you to dance with the STars on TV baby. DANg right it does."

DAng strate, it does. :laugh:

11-26-07, 11:33 AM
ANd thank you HElio CAstroneves. I knew the firs time I Saw you that you was a prancer.

That's GOLD, Jerry. GOLD!!!

11-26-07, 02:23 PM
a big belly laugh evey second. :laugh: :laugh: