View Full Version : Pat's caught cheating?

09-10-07, 06:25 PM

I'm sure they are not the only ones, they're just dumb enough to use the same guy.

Dr. Corkski
09-10-07, 06:58 PM

09-10-07, 08:19 PM
This is a weird one. They were caught doing this last year and the league said it wasn't allowed. I'm surprised, if they did it, that first they kept doing it and second that they did it against the Jets where there are former coaches on that staff. Not to mention the long standing feud between the two organizations.

I also am baffled by it all. It makes sense to use later. But they are also reported to have done it to Detroit and GB last year. Unless they play in the Super Bowl, they won't see them again in 4 years. What are they trying to get from that? Data on the coaching staff? Learn other ideas for signals? Do they analyze the tapes at half time? If they make use of it during the game, why do they need a video? Can they just right it down?

Seems quite stupid. Which, until they decided to use their last timeout to force the Jets to punt in the first quarter yesterday, I can't think of a WTF was Belichick thinking moment (besides some personnel decisions).