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01-09-03, 03:48 AM
Caught this image during a pan of the crowd during the Fiesta Bowl.


God, I love TiVo. :)

There's an uncensored version of this pic up there for you directory snoopers. ;)

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01-11-03, 08:57 AM
JB... nothing from you on this?

01-11-03, 09:10 AM
Originally posted by WickerBill
JB... nothing from you on this?

He's waiting for next year, or is that the year after next, or the year after that, or. . . .

01-11-03, 10:09 AM
Hey, I was sleeping!

I'm not to let rotund drunks to my fighting. I prefer national publications using their cover to do the talking. Like oh, this one did:

01-11-03, 08:36 PM
Poor JB, living in the past. Welcome to the new millennium. The one where Michigan has yet to beat the Buckeyes. :)

01-12-03, 12:32 PM
On the original broadcast of the game, you can see that tee-shirt plain as day. Joebob, are you the guy who has that SI picture as a signature at wolverine.com? I've seen it over there a few times. Michigan had a nice run against us but live in the now. COOPER IS GONE and no matter how much you pray, he's not comming back.

P.S. Congrats on Presscot Burgess, damnit!

01-12-03, 05:53 PM
Never been to wolverine.com

Are you sure y'all can't find a way to bring Cooper back? :D

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Rabbit is my hero.

01-13-03, 08:59 AM
If anyone mouths off about how Miami lost on officiating check out the pictures in this tread over at CW.


01-13-03, 10:54 AM
I've seen those photos before and they tell a good story. Miami fans will believe what they want to believe. Gotta suck for them. I love the qoute from the article on down the page that says that a officials call did'nt decide the game, OSU's defense did.

01-13-03, 11:22 AM
The problem is, the officials let the boys play all day, there were holds on both sides of the ball, none were being called, the DB's for both schools were playing physical, all in all the officials did a bad job for both teams.. I think Miami fans have a legitimite gripe with the timing of the call - not necessarily the call itself - if you are going to throw a flag, throw it, if you aren't going to throw it, don't, but there is no replay in college ball and you shouldn't be allowed to replay it in your mind or on any other medium. In the end, what's done is done, and I hope we both go undefeated so that we can settle the score in the Sugar Bowl next year.

01-13-03, 11:28 AM
Originally posted by Foxman
...I hope we both go undefeated so that we can settle the score in the Sugar Bowl next year.

We already settled the score. It was Ohio State 31, Miami 24. :p

01-13-03, 12:26 PM
Originally posted by rabbit
We already settled the score. It was Ohio State 31, Miami 24. :p

paybacks are hell, we'll have our day, and statistically speaking we have a better chance of getting back to the big dance sooner. ;)

01-13-03, 12:28 PM
Your post makes sense and I agree with the fact that they had been letting them play all game. What I am getting tired of is the talk of how late the flag was. I've watched it over and over and the flag was not that late, maybe 2-3 seconds following the play. That is not an abnormal amount of time. It just seemed like forever because of the situation.