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07-13-07, 03:28 AM
Volunteers Needed for Inner Circle Booths in San Jose

Champ Car Photo, CCIC and Paddock Tour Registration Booths

If you would like to volunteer at the Champ Car Inner Circle sites (Photo, CCIC and Paddock Tour Registration Booths) in San Jose, continue reading:

We need to fulfill a minimum of 25 day shifts……. half in the morning and half in the afternoon…..each are 4 or 4 ½ hours (Sunday will a bit longer in the morning but volunteers can leave early in order to catch the start of the race). We need 2 people in the photo booth, 2 in the fan club booth and 1 at the paddock tours at all times.

Each person that volunteers for 2 half day shifts or a total of 8 hours will receive a 3 day seat ticket for the event. Those who volunteer for 3 or more half day shifts will receive over crew passes for the weekend. These are a $225.00 value. The duty for each individual is to be an advocate for Champ Car and help with the duties within the booths (assisting fans to register for the Fan Club, having their pictures taken and registering fans for paddock tours)..

Email Dave Wood, Champ Car Inner Circle Ambassador, at ccic@lindavwood.com if you would like to volunteer or have questions. Thank you for your support! If you would like to volunteer for another race this season with the same responsibilities and tickets as above, email me.