View Full Version : Brand's live in Indy

05-04-03, 09:34 PM
If you want to take the chance come to McGilvery's at 30th and Highschool on the westside tomorrow at 8:00a. Lisa is coming in to try and find the race on the big dish and fix some chow and drinks.

No guarantees but a damm good chance she'll find it, plus an excuse to blow off Monday morning for a couple hours.

I'll have my latop for T&S but no audio as the sound card died and the General ain't buying a new one.

The door may still be locked so pound on it. If you look like a racefan we'll let you in....;)


Nothing like a last minute half-assed party.

Drop the Flag

05-05-03, 05:58 AM
Wish I could be there. :( A little late for me to drive that far though and have to work. Hope you guys find it. I have not decided yet if I am even going to listen or if I am going to try real hard to stay away all week so I don't know who wins.