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03-19-07, 10:16 PM
NHRA driver Eric Medlen was critically injured during testing in Florida. His specific injuries were not disclosed and very little is known about his condition other than it is critical. Sounds like a very serious situation - thoughts and prayers with his family.


03-20-07, 04:38 PM
CHI. Hope he catches some of shorty's luck.


03-20-07, 04:53 PM
It sounds a lot like da Matta's injury--hopes he recovers as well.

03-21-07, 03:10 PM
Here's an update. NHRA.com, 3/21/07

Eric Medlen

Injured NHRA Funny Car driver Eric Medlen survived a delicate, three-hour craniotomy procedure to relieve pressure and hemorrhaging Tuesday evening but remained in critical condition Wednesday at Shands at the University of Florida medical center.

Over the next two weeks, the 33-year-old will remain in a drug-induced coma designed to promote healing.

“We consider ourselves fortunate that Eric is in one of the top hospitals in the world for this type of injury and is getting absolutely the best treatment possible,” said John Medlen, Eric's father and crew chief.

“We want to thank Eric's friends, fans, sponsors, and the entire NHRA drag racing community for their support in this very difficult time for our family,” he said. “We would ask that they continue to remember Eric in their prayers. He's a fighter, but he has a long battle ahead of him.”

The elder Medlen also asked, for Eric's sake and the sake of the family, that fans refrain from speculation, especially on the Internet, where erroneous information already has been a source of considerable anguish.


03-23-07, 05:50 PM
He passed away today after being taken off life support:





03-23-07, 05:55 PM
OH man. My heart just flopped hearing that. Such sad, sad news.

RIP Eric. :(

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03-23-07, 07:30 PM
I'm stunned by this news - I was really hoping for a positive outcome. Condolences to his family.:(

03-23-07, 08:00 PM

News like this always sucks.:thumdown:


Rogue Leader
03-23-07, 08:07 PM
RIP :(

03-24-07, 10:26 PM
My son and I met Eric at the Houston race a new years ago. He was one of the nicest drivers I have ever met. He will be missed:(

03-24-07, 11:24 PM
I caught it on tv tonight. Damn.:(

RIP, Eric. Godspeed.

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Winston Wolfe
03-25-07, 04:41 PM
sad news.

I was over in Yorba Linda this AM checking out a Best Buy and you have to drive by the John Force race shop to get there (in the old Yorba Linda Infiniti building....) Saw a makeshift memorial with balloons, flowers, posters with personal messages etc... fans were there looking at the notes, etc....very sad news.


03-26-07, 10:26 AM

I have been going to NHRA events for years, and have met Eric a few times. Real class act. The racing world has lost another gem.

03-26-07, 06:39 PM
Very sad news indeed. A good reminder to us all to appreciate life and everything in it every day.

03-26-07, 08:09 PM
Rest in peace. Sad to see it yet again.

04-10-07, 03:34 PM
Apparently a tire puncture was the cause of the wreck:


In a prepared statement, the company said its engineers and researchers, after recovering the remaining 10 percent of the tire, determined that the tire had a puncture. The cause of the puncture is still under investigation, the company said.


Andrew Longman
04-11-07, 12:07 PM
Given the stresses on a Nitro drag tire, I am amazed this doesn't happen more often