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01-21-07, 11:31 AM
Question: is gene simmons still with the irl marketing team, or has he too thrown in the towel! (Dennis Owen, Indianapolis)

Answer: Best I can tell he’s still in the game. But the lack of noise speaks volumes, eh?

Question: I have heard of a possible second entry for Foyt Racing. What have you heard on this? Also, what is opinion of there hire of Darren Manning. I think they will surprise some people. (Bret E. Collins, Kirkland, Ill.)

Answer: I think they have a better chance of landing a second car than surprising people.

Question: I heard after last year’s Indy 500 that Playa Del Racing who ran cars for Jaques Lazier and Roger Yasukawa planned to become a full-time team in 2007. What's the latest on this? (Matt Fryer, Leeds, UK)

Answer: Good question. As with Gene Simmons, the lack of noise from team owner Gary Sallee and the two drivers might tell you everything you need to know. I expect them to have an Indy program, however.

Question: Is there enough interest in the George family to continue the racing tradition, or is Tony the engine? For instance, if Tony cashed out his interest in the family business to go on permanent vacation with Chris Pook, would the other family members pick up the slack or would they sell IMS to the France family? (Clint, Chicago, Ill.)

Answer: That’s an interesting question and one I don’t have the answer for. My guess is they’d cash out, although I’m not sure they can. At a minimum, I think they’d hire out. As for the next generation, there are several who have the passion, including Jarrod Krisiloff, Tony George Jr. and Ed Carpenter.

Other dumb stuff here:

Question: I wonder if a grass-roots effort could be started to convince the Speedway put Alex Zanardi in the Pace Car for this year's 500 instead of some empty suit from GM. I’ve had my seats in J-stand since 1982 and have watched all manner of "celebrity" drivers come off of T4 before the start. Why shouldn't IMS put someone in the seat who knows what he's doing, and who unfortunately never got the chance to compete at the Speedway because of the infernal split and then his terrible racing injuries? The cheer that I would expect for Zanardi might even help to convince a couple of guys that it's past time for the split to be ended. (Mike Matisko, Newburgh, Ind.)

Answer: I think it would take a Herculean effort, but I’d love to see it happen. I was a huge Zanardi fan long before he got hurt. He’s one of the drivers who actually was punished by the split. He would have been a star at Indy had he had the chance to run there during his CART-championship era.

01-21-07, 11:39 AM
What's there to sell? :laugh:

A row of skanks (Danicle,Meatball,Mexi-skank)? Gaylio? Eye-Vee? Special ED?

01-21-07, 11:47 AM
It's all about money. Negotiations broke down when he upped the cost to hang classier babes on his arms for each race this year vs. the trailer trash he was dragging along last year. :tony:

01-22-07, 12:30 PM
Good God, I didn't realize there is an anton Jr......:shakehead

01-26-07, 01:51 PM
What's there to sell? :laugh:

A row of skanks (Danicle,Meatball,Mexi-skank)? Gaylio? Eye-Vee? Special ED?

Throw in the Speedway and we have a deal. ;)