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My understanding of the rules here are, you can talk about other forums, you can link/quote other forums, but you CANNOT call out other posters by name. Good policy, IMO, FWIW.

Where does this guy get this crap?

Vision will have 2 to 3, D&R will have 2, and in the end, Foyt will have 2. It is a long way until Miami.

The lower cost lease narrows the gap between what a lease costs and the standard advertising stipend Honda drops on a team for "Honda" on the air intakes. The lease is $900,000. The advertising stipend is $750,000. It's more if you run an ALMS program with Honda.

Last year the lease was $1.4 million and the stipend was $700,000. Look for 20-22 car baseline in the Indy Car Series in 2007. With leases at 64% the rate they were in 2006, you will not see the struggle to make 20 to be as apparent as it once was.

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.......:laugh: .......

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Puffy now calls himself Brownout, or something.......


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Some folks are blinded by hatred, others are simply misguided. And still others are simply dorks.

And there ain't no way around it folks. Choose wisely. In this case, it's option #3. All day long.

Can't speak for earl, but certain decals are *required* placement in real racing series.

Dork. :tony: