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04-13-03, 03:03 PM
(many thanks to the originator of this image)


"There were no accidents in the Japan IndyCar race. The green flag flew until the checkered flag flew. There were no injuries except for the ChampCar fan infidels in the grandstands. There were 199 lead changes at the flag. The greatest driver in the history of open-wheel racing won. Tony George is smart."

04-13-03, 03:20 PM
"Oh...and, death to Amerdica"


04-13-03, 07:16 PM
Just as a pre-emptive strike on SeanO, I'm making fun of the former Iraqi Information Minister more than I'm making fun of the IRL race.

Sorry about the last lie.

04-13-03, 09:43 PM
Absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!
Sounds about as accurate as his perception of how Iraq is doing in the war.....
And yes, I know that was the point....... :)

And you never thought the IRL would ever get another man as smart as Tony George....even if they had to go all the way to Iraq to find him......Had to pay a pretty penny to buy out his contract with Saddam Hussein as well. Intelligence like that doesn't come cheap, especially when it is grounded with such a good grasp
on reality.....:laugh: :rofl: :laugh: :rofl: :laugh:

04-13-03, 11:54 PM
From the IRL Director of Information BahRannie elBarnard:

In response to the outrageous question from a journalist who presents a false degree from a false University in the United States, this so called journalist asked why the IRL would run a race outside of America, this is not true, the Motegi Race was not run in Japan, why would we leave our fan base to run an event in a country that has no concept of what Indycar racing is? Motegi is a dirt track in South Central Indiana, that is blessed with Sunshine 24 hours a day, thus making it possible to run our event at Midnight. Both Honda and Toyota have factories in the US, so who is to say that they are Japanese companies?? These lies are being spread by the devils of the CART series who would have you believe that people actually show up to see the races they supposedly hold. In truth there are no CART teams. These races are Hollywood fables filmed by Sylvestor Stallone. I would also like to announce that although the Indy 500 is sold out for the next 25 years, Tony George in his greatness has created an extra 275,000 seats for fans who would like to buy walkup tickets for this event.

04-14-03, 09:56 AM
I hope that powers that be at Toyo and Hondai are happy with "their"
race. :laugh: