View Full Version : STRANA truck racing

01-07-03, 07:09 AM
These will be racing up at RA with the ALMS this year. Semi trucks with 1000 hp motors coming down into turn 5. The carousel should also bee very interesting. This will definately be the most unique race of the season. I can't wait.

01-07-03, 08:07 AM
Man... ALMS weekend at RA is pretty enticin' now that Mid Ohio let 'em slip away...

Winter Warlock!

01-07-03, 08:44 AM
Do it! Do it! Do it!

It's gonna' be a busy August. :cool:

01-07-03, 09:16 AM
I'm thinking about it, I know...

01-08-03, 04:38 PM
They're scheduled at Sears Point too. I don't think I'll be shooting photos of them from the turn two wall like I do cars though. Parts of that wall are already moved back from car impact--one of those trucks may go right through!