View Full Version : Shocker: PT not running at Indy.

04-11-03, 05:59 AM
Article from Canoe.ca (http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam030410/car_ccws-ap.html)

My man telling it like it is. Here is a good one:

It's something that I don't really think about from day to day," the Canadian driver said. "But, you know, I still feel and know that based on the evidence that is there at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in their film department, I know that I won the race.

It's really politics that have dictated the outcome of the race. There's really nothing I can do about it

:thumbup: So the evidence shows that PT did win the race. What a surprise. I guess this is the reason they had to come up with that lame-assed excuse to give the win to gayHelio.

04-11-03, 10:01 AM
They had to give the win to Helio, there isn't enough Kleenex in the world for all the tears that sap would have cried.

04-12-03, 08:26 AM
Even bigger shock: "NOT ONE current CWS driver has registered to drive in this farce."

Kindly turn your attention to Germany, boys and girls, and Alex Zanardi, and away from that man behind the curtain.