View Full Version : Tony Stewart's Car Returned... Kinda

04-08-03, 03:45 PM
Looks like NASCAR has done all the testing they need to do on the front half of the car they confiscated in Texas, so they gave it back. However, it seems they still have some work to do aft of the B-Pillar, so they're going to hang onto that half of the car for a while.


04-08-03, 04:04 PM
Great story, but won't the aero testing be compromised when you can't send the entire car to the tunnel?

They took the car. THE CAR!

They took everything - even the parts we didn't cheat on...

Wish I could remember that part of Animal House better...

04-08-03, 04:18 PM
NASCAR is a joke, and not a very funny one.:shakehead